Decorative free DXF files cut ready for Your CNC machines.

Have you ever wondered about the type of products that can be created with the help of DXF files? Laser cutting has evolved leaps and bounds over the last couple of years, and today you have endless home décor options available made by CNCs.

Our collection of premium DXF files is perfect for any CNC machine. The possibilities are endless with these files as you are going to be left with a variety of home décor options. If you are not satisfied with the files from our collection, don’t worry because we’ve got more!

We also provide our clients with top-rated custom designs. You can browse through the options we have available with us, or you could simply reach out to us. Our team will be happy to get in touch with you to figure out how to bring you the designs you need.

DXFforCNC collections

DXF File Collections - Home Décor and Garden Arts

You can find the most extensive collection of DXF files on These files have the most use in home décor and garden art. You can use these designs to create napkin holders, key hooks, garden stakes, furniture decorations, etc.

Home décor is the one place where you can find the most useful for these DXF files. Our designs cater to products like table covers, letter ornaments, napkin holders, sign inserts, etc. You are bound to find many more designs that can be used for any CNC machine.

You have the option of running your imagination wild and making the most of these designs for décor to appease you and your customers. Moreover, our team has especially created styles for the holiday season too. You can pick from the wide range of options to find styles perfect for holidays.

Additionally, you can also reach out to us for custom designs for home décor. Our team can reach out to you and help your CNC business find precisely what you are looking for.

Home Décor and Garden Arts

DXF File Collection - Fire Pits

Fire pits are becoming one of the most cherished possessions of homeowners today. People enjoy setting up fireplaces in their homes to create a cosy and peaceful atmosphere indoors. These are especially prevalent in colder regions with long winters.

These fire pits have multiple uses aside from keeping people warm. These pits can be doubled as barbecue stations and create an attractive setting for gatherings and parties. A fire pit is sure to add an element of drama and extravagance to any outdoor space.

At, you are sure to find design files for fire pits too. We have a wide selection of designs ranging from your favorite sports team logos to generic cut-out shapes that go with every aesthetic.

Apart from this, you can also find simple circular, ball, collapsible, and vertical designs for fire pits or round fire pits. If you enjoy grandeur and mood lighting, firepits are the one for you. Please browse through our range and find out the numerous options you have available.

Fire Pits

DXF File Collection - Automobiles & Machinery

Our collection also caters to automobile enthusiasts. If you have clients who want custom designs for their car parts, you can simply browse through our machinery and automobile designs selection. We have CNC machine designs for cars, boats, wheels, vans, trains, aircraft, etc.

Automobiles & Machinery

DXF File Collection - Animals, Nature, & Birds

Nature designs are one of the most popular styles among clients. Our CNC designs include everything that brings nature to life. Pick from the tree of life designs, sea animals, butterflies, eagles, etc.

These dainty designs and styles are difficult to sculpt. However, our premium files are sure you give you a clear cut product with absolutely no rough edges.

Animals, Nature, & Birds

DXF File Collection - Country & Western

The country and western file collection is for those who want to reawaken their inner cowboys. We challenged ourselves to create elaborate designs like horses, saddles, cowboy boots, deer heads, Smith & Wesson revolvers, etc.

However, it doesn’t end here. We take pride in our ability to transform your vision into a reality. Reach out to us so we can create a custom country and western designs for your projects.

Country & Western

DXF File Collection - Military & Police

Our military and police collection comprises everything you admire about the disciplinary forces. You can use these DXF files for any CNC machine to generate designs that showcase bulldogs, marines, military aircraft, etc.

Military & Police

DXF File Collection - Scenes and Views

Get our vibrant Wildlife, Farms, and Nature design DXF file to make as many wall art and decorative panels for doors or fences. Our Wildlife, Farms, and Nature Decorative Panels CNC cutting designs bring a touch of warmth to home decor. The decorative panels made out of these art files can also act as privacy and room separating apparatus.

Scenes and Views