Collection: Fire Pit DIY DXF Files for CNC Machines

The Fascination of a Metal Fire Pit

With people increasingly spending more time at home, fire pits diy are becoming the new trend. They open up the outdoor space for those slightly cooler temperatures and provide somewhere to gather friends and family. Everyone instinctively knows the calming effects of watching flames crackle, swerve, glow and playfully twist and turn. Research with brain scans even shows that our blood pressure goes down when watching a fire. Add to that the fun of toasting marshmallows and your customers will never regret the fire ring designs specially made for plasma cutter fire pit products. Download our metal fire pit designs for your plasma or laser CNC machine. You’ll find they come in various shapes and sizes from ball to metal fire pit rings and other shapes. Then, let your customers take home a piece of warmth, art, and workmanship.

Promote the Magic of Outdoor Living

Collapsible metal fire pit designs for camping or larger more permanent plasma fire pit structures are the perfect equipment to enjoy the outdoors. The smell of the fire combined with whatever’s sizzling on the barbeque is something that people have enjoyed for millenia. Let’s bring one of our original pleasures back to life with the perfect DXF files for your plasma cutter fire pit diy needs.

Your customers will have the choice of any geometric design they want. These include, for example, a pentagon fire pit, hexagon fire pit, octagon fire pit and even a geodesic fire pit. Why not make them as playful and interesting as possible? The best part is that whatever you choose is perfectly straightforward for your CNC machine - you’ll save hours of design time and you’ll deliver a quality product to your loyal customers.

The Best Metal Fire Pit DIY Designs

Our collapsible portable eagle flag or tiger stripe fire pit DXF files are perfect for camping or traveling. Of course, no welding is required and your customers will be able to easily put together their metal fire pit.

Another popular option is the ball fire ring design for the plasma cutter fire pit structure. The metal ring for the fire pit can then be cut with various design shapes or logos. Last but not least, don’t forget to ask about our custom fire ring process. We’ll then work with you to produce your desired output for the perfect fire pit ring within 2 to 5 business days.

DXF for CNC Fire Pit DIY Collection

All our DXF designs are ready for most plasma and laser CNC cutting machines. Moreover, they can be scaled for any other CNC machine, such as water jet cutters, and to any size to fit your CNC fire pit design needs. Whether you’re a hobby CNC user or a fully fledged business, our DXF files are simple to download and then send a g-code to your CNC router.
We’re proud of our quality DXF designs for plasma cutter fire pits. That’s why we guarantee smooth vectors without any rough edges while also supporting you at every step of the process. In fact our customers particularly rave about working with our team and the special care and attention we provide. So, check out the designs for engraved fire pits and all the geometric shapes they’re available in. You’re bound to find something to suit you and your customers. If not, we’ll design your very own CNC plasma fire pit plans.

Fire Pit DIY Plain Ball

The ball plasma cut fire pit diy design gives a uniqueness to any outdoor space. Actually, it almost looks like a magical ball of fire. You can then add some hexagon fire pit DXF designs or any other image from nature such as trees, animals or even flames. That way you enhance the desired magical effect. Our plasma cutter fire pit DXF files are really that special.

Collapsible Fire Pits DIY

Anyone who enjoys camping will appreciate how simple it is to put together our collapsible plasma cut fire pit designs. Moreover, our collection shows examples with cut out images of fish, stripes, and logos - but you can have any design you want. Actually, our CNC plasma fire pit DXF files are as adaptable as you need them to be. Ultimately, we guarantee you’ll enjoy our plasma cutter fire pit options.

Geometric Shaped Fire Pits DIY

Have fun with our hexagon fire pit plans, octagon fire pit plans, or pentagon fire pit plans. In fact, choose any geometric plan that you want and we’ll make it work for you with our fire pit DXF files. You can either send us your design or have us put one together for you within 2 to 5 business days.

Choice of Designs

Check out the metal fire pit ring designs that are perfect for logos and taglines. Of course, you can also include an intricate design to go round your laser cut rings. Either way, we’ll make sure you always have unique plasma cutter fire pit designs to choose from.

More Coming Soon or Choose the Custom Option

Our customers tell us they want more - so we’re working on some exciting new designs. Therefore, feel free to let us know what else you want for your laser cut fire ring, ball or geometric structure. We want to work with you to bring a piece of magic to you and your customers by making your CNC experience easy and with quality outputs.

After all, a plasma cutter fire pit project is all about blending art with the workmanship. Essentially, we provide the art and you deliver the workmanship. It’s a perfect partnership for the ideal metal fire pit.