Decorative DXF files cut ready for CNC machines.
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All Entire DXF Files Packages - DXF files Cut Ready CNC

All Entire DXF Files Packages (Bundle)

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Download our Catalog.

Get access to all our Entirely DXF files Packages, More than 80 packages, and 2500 designs, just One Click Download File.

It is magic elements of your outdoor, gardens, indoors, workshops and home decor. You can decorate your own properties yourself and if you have a workshop you can get money by cutting these files and start selling them as gifts or show our catalog to your customers to choose what they like to cut. All our DXF files illustrated in decorative artistic view and delivered in resizable downloadable dxf files cut ready for most CNC cutting machines and designed to be cut for plasma and laser cutters and can be scaled for any sizes to fit your design needs

All our Fire pits are included in the bundle.

File Size Downloaded: 260 MB

This Bundle is not subjected to any other Discounts codes.

You will get 100% access to all our entirely DXF files Packages, and you will get updates and newsletters of our new packages and products included at the bundle.

Recommended Software:
To get the best result with our files it's recommended to use one of the following software to edit or resize our files: (Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw, Autocad)
Some of our customers have issues with Fusion 360 so if you are using it or using other software please try some of our free designs.
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  • I’m very interested in the hold package , but can I get it on CD

    Hello Norman, in fact at this time we cant put the designs in CD and send them we only give the ability to download the files and simply you can burn them at CD, you can try our free dxf files and feel free to contact us to explain more details if you are facing any problems with the downloaded files.

  • This package gives me all your DXF files for the rest of life for free? Unlimited downloads? Never pay anything again. Just the $639.99 one time price?????? I will receive all new files that you release? Looking forward to your reply!!

    Hello, yes you will pay only one more time and will get access to all the new files will be added. but the custom designs will not inclouded and will need payments.

  • How many files are included?

    Hello, and really sorry for the late to answer, for some reason we cant see your message, 
    this bundle contains more than 1500 files and we still working to increase the packages in the bundles.

  • what is the normal price

    Hello, we are sorry for the late, for some reason we cant see your message and hope you contact us at 
    We updated the price and hope this is normal for you, new 4 packages will be added and the bundle will be more valuable. please feel free to contact us anytime.

  • What is the price for this deal, when I went to my cart it show it $1600.00,

    Hello, we are sorry for the late, for some reason we cant see your message and hope you contact us at 
    the price is updated now and hope this sounds good for you, new packages will be added and the bundle will be more valuable. please feel free to contact us.

  • How do they come? Are they in jpg where i can put them into different places?

    Hello, we are sorry for the late, for some reason we cant see your message and hope you contact us at 
    you will get DXF files and also JPG for each design and PDF for the package

  • Is there a PDF format to print out?

    Hello, we are sorry for the late, for some reason we cant see your message and hope you contact us at 
    Yes there will be PDF format for the packages and JPG file for each design

  • Agradeço aos desenvolvedores por me fornecer os arquivos.

    Translation "Thanks to the developers for giving me the files."

    Great thanks for trusting our website and products, we really have the honor you are one of our customers.

  • digital download file collection or thumb drive physical mail out collection of files?

    Hello, we are sorry for the late, for some reason we cant see your message and hope you contact us at 
    Digital downloadable files, you will have direct link to the download file immediatly after the checkout.

  • How many files in the complete collection In the EntireDXF files Packages?

    More than 1500 files inclouded and we are increasing the files and the packages.

  • Does this include everything on your website currently?

    Hello Tim, yes this include every packages and fire pits in our website currently.  

  • so does this have everything that is on the website including firepits,letters,etc..

    Hello Jason, yes this bundle will include all the designs in our website and fire pits, just some single designs will be marked as sold out that have some property issues with the customer.  

  • does this bundle come with every single file on your website?

    Hello Adam, yes most of the single designs, but some designs require permission form the customer that ordered it 1st because it is a custom design, you may see products marked as sold out, you can't get this designs without permissions. Hope you really try our free designs and take the action with this bundle, the 70% offer will ends at 30 of this month. 

  • Will we receive a flash drive as well as the downloaded files on this Bundle?

    Hello, now we can provide you with a fast 16 GB USB drive 3.0 included with the order and will be shipped to you within 2 days in USA and will be more for other countries.

  • Can I download on my shop computer which controls my plasma cutter and also on my home computer where I do most of my artwork? Will I get a thumb drive like shown in the photo? Thanks

    Hello Jim, yes you can download our files and use them anywhere, our files are not locked. Can you please try our free designs to check them with your machine and software.  About the USB drive we don't give it now, this will be more costy for us to do this, I think it's very easy for you to get one and upload the files on it. 

  • Are the files locked or open to be edited by me? Also I’m wondering if it will work with my PlasmaCAM 4’x4’ table in which I can index the metal ?

    Hello Richard, our files are not locked and you can edit them, also you can try some of our free designs to check them and check if they work with your machine.

  • why does it show $639.99 in the question forum and this page has it listed at $999? I want to purchase for the school i currently teach at but want to pay the best price available.

    Hello Mick, in fact, this question you mean was an old question and we updated our designs and add more and more packages, in fact, we start this bundle with a price of $250 but the designs are duplicated more and more and the thanks to the God. any way we can give you the best price at $700, hope this is nice for you, if yes we can send you an invoice.

  • will these files work on my Prostar Cnc7 Software Plasma Table PRS-100 Hypertherm ?

    Hello Chas, great thanks for your message and we will be happy to help you anytime. Can you please try some or all of our free designs and you will get an idea of our designs and will check them with your machine and software, we will be ready to help you.

  • Luke, quick question, I bought the collection a while back and see there was an email in May with additions, is this collection updated at a certain time? I've got a few files I'm interested that I don't have yet (Eagle attack mountains and the gun shoot first one.) Keep up the great work!! Thx Mark

    Hello Mark, if you already purchased the bundle of the all entire packages, you already get code to get access to any new designs added anytime. Could you please tell me what collection you purchased? Also could you please be sure that you have an account and subscribe to our newsletter to get our latest updates of designs.    Best regards.

  • Does the entire collection include all the fire pit designs?

    Hello Paul, hope you are nice, we will be happy to help you anytime,  Our bundle of all entire DXF files contains all our packages and all our fire pits balls, hexagon, and collapsible. 

  • What are considered custom designs I bought a masters collection do they get updates ? Was not Sure

    Hello Laszlo, the custom designs is design made for one customer and cant be resell without the permission of the customer and it contain name or personal logo but we can do similar one with modifications and will be custom design also and will be paid design,
    the "All entire bundle" will contains all the new updates we have on all our packages, hope this answer your questions and feel free to comment.