Decorative DXF files cut ready for CNC machines.
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DXF File Collections - Home Decor and Garden Arts has a large collection of .dxf file options for anything from wall art to key hooks, napkin holders, garden stakes and furniture decorations. The team has even put together special DXF designs for seasonal and other holidays.

Simply browse through our playful designs, as well as the more serious ones, to find the desirable DXFs for you or your customers.

DXF File Collection - Fire Pits

Homeowners are increasingly opting for fire pits over a barbecue because they offer so much more. A fire pit provides a warm and atmospheric gathering for friends and family in the evenings while also doubling up as a barbecue. With a fire pit, a homeowner can choose the right design to create a magical outdoor space. They also get some extra warmth on their front deck for those cold winter months.

You have many different DXF files for laser cutting to choose from that include sports logos, animal designs and various other cut-out shapes. We even have CNC DXF files for sale that can create a round fire pit ball. There’s no better way to reconnect with our fascination with fire and light. It’s beautiful, playful and unique.

DXF File Collection - Home Decoration

Take your pick of CNC designs from photo frames, napkin holders, letter ornaments, sign inserts, round and rectangle, table covers and many more. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, simply call us and we’ll design it for you.

DXF File Collection - Automobiles & Machinery

If you’re a vehicle and machinery enthusiast, you’ll love our designs in DXF files for plasma cutting. You can also download laser cut DXF files if you prefer. Whatever CNC machine you have, you can choose from a range of cars, vans, boats, wheels, trains, aircraft and construction vehicles.

DXF File Collection - Animals, Nature & Birds

Whether it’s the tree of life, the majesty of an eagle or the playfulness of rabbits, we have it all on DXF images. These CNC designs come in all shapes such as forest animals, safari animals, sea animals and even butterflies. We leave you with no extra cuts or too many nodes. You can expect a clean cut with no rough edges.

DXF File Collection - Country & Western

Cowboy boots, horses and saddles, horseshoes, deer heads, Smith & Wesson revolvers … we have it all in DXFs. We always love a bit of a challenge though so send us your designs and photos and we’ll transform them into the perfect DXF design for you.

DXF File Collection - Military & Police

Check out the CNC DXF collection for playful designs such as a bulldog marine officer and a showcase of all military aircraft. You can also choose the CNC designs the Navy or Marine Corps seals is that’s more suitable for you and your customers.

DXF File Collection - Seasons & Festivals

Everyone wants something special for the holidays especially when it comes to decorating homes and gardens. That’s why we have seasonal DXF files with cut images of turkeys. You can also find inspiring designs for Thanksgiving and Mother’s day.

Our DXF Files Guarantee

Laser and plasma cut designs are instantly downloadable as digital files once you’ve completed your checkout. You automatically receive the license to to cut and edit our designs but not to share or resell the original CNC router DXF files.

We also welcome custom requests either to modify one of your CNC patterns or to work with you and design very own DXFs. Our sales team will happily guide you through the process and we’ll send you the CNC designs within 2 to 5 business days for you to verify it has the desired effect.

Why Work with Us?

We take great pride in the quality of our DXF patterns and we guarantee 100% satisfaction for our DXFs for plasma and laser machines. It doesn’t matter if you need minor changes done to our designs or a fully custom made DXFs, our support team are there to help you throughout.

Our customers themselves can tell you how much they appreciate working with our teams to make sure they have the complete desired output they need. Why not see for yourself and try our DXF files for CNC router? You won’t be disappointed.


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