DXFforCNC Products Descriptions

When we say our products are of the best quality, we mean it. Every DXF file you find on our platform is of the highest quality because of the following features.

  • Clean Cuts: Everybody wants a clean cut in their designs. Our files are made without extra nodes or cuts, so you always get that precision in your designs. Rough cuts can look unappealing, but this will never be a concern with our files.
  • Downloadable Files: Once you purchase a design, it is entirely yours. You can download it and use it for any project. However, if you request any specific designs or changes in the file, we will deliver you the final product once our team is done working on it.
  • Can Be Edited: One of the best features of these files is that you can edit them. Once downloaded, you can use editors like AutoCAD, SolidWorks, Adobe Illustrator, Inkscape, and vector software to add or remove any designs. The DXF files available on our platform are not locked, so you have complete liberty to tweak them once you have bought them!
  • Compatible with Most CNC System: Our DXF files are made in a way that allows you to use them on almost any CNC, CAD/CAM system. These files are compatible with many types of CNC machines, including plasma cutters, laser cutters, wood routers, engravers, and waterjet cutters. You can use our design files for a variety of different projects, making them immensely versatile.
  • Versatile Materials and Applications: Our designs are not just limited to metal, wood plastic, and acrylic. You can use these DXF files to print content on a myriad of different materials like mugs, medals, T-shirts, and many more. These designs generally make excellent gifts for people and can also be used for personal home and outdoor décor.
  • Easly Scalable: Most of our designs are scalable and can be resized to a custom measurement depending on your preferences. You can take a single design and get it engraved on a medal and even get it printed on an oversized T-shirt.
    However, designs made in pieces that need to be put together after cannot be resized. That is because the position of the slots in the design is made according to the thickness of the material. An excellent example of this would be the collapsible fire pit.
    The resizing of such designs entirely depends on your CNC machine table size and beamwidth. We ensure that when we design our files, we keep the beam as 0.06 inches or 1.6 mm.
  • Can Be Used with Wood Router Cutters:

    Our designs cater to those with expertise in router cutters too. Our files can be used with wood router cutters if you understand the CAM software and know-how to use cutting tools proficiently.

  • Open and Closed-Loop Files: Simply put, open-loop designs are those designs where all the lines do not connect. Contrarily, closed-loop designs are all connected, and there are no loose ends in the design itself.
    We understand that not all CNC machines are capable of reading open-loop files. If your machine has trouble working with such a file, you can reach out to our team, who will help you with the issue.
  • Fabrications:

    While our designs are made to help you achieve the final products instantly, there are a few things that you must do to get the décor of your dreams.

    • Cutting: With just a little bit of experience on your CNC machines, you can have the final and finished product. All you need to do is add minor finishing touches, and you’re all set.
    • Welding: Designs like the fire pits need to be welded to be assembled. You can always get outside help to assemble such pieces with ease.
    • Bending: You can get metal bending done to achieve the final products. It is mostly done for fire pit balls
    • Assembly: Designs like collapsible fire pits need to be assembled once they are fresh out of the CNC machines.