Decorative DXF files cut ready for CNC machines.
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What is DXF? and What is CNC?

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DXF stands for (Drawing Exchange Format) from its name we can see that its changeable file and you can access it using any vector software (called CAD programs or computer-aided design) and change the vectors path to generate the required designs, there are many software that can produce or handle the vector files and the DXF files, some of them are specially for engineering professionals that care about the dimensions that based on calculations and analysis for machine parts, buildings blueprints and so on, these software like AutoCAD, Solidworks, CATIA...etc. And some of them are specially for artists like Adobe Illustrator, Coreldraw, Inkspace...etc. In our website we are talking about the DXF files from the artistic point of view to create decorative arts for your external and internal home and garden or to make promotions designs for your business like shop, garage and so on.

That is DXF, so what is CNC?

 CNC stands for (Computer Numerical Control) from its name we can see that we control the machine tools from the computers using program command, many CNC machines use G-codes which is a standardized programming language that many CNC machines understand, for our artistic DXF files there are many CNC machines routing, water jet, laser cutters and plasma cutters, each one of them has special configuration and variety like materials (wood, acrylic, leather, metals...etc) and Axes (2 axes, 3 axes ...etc).

How CNC machines understand DXF files?

We have to know other kind of programs called (CAM) computer-aided manufacturing these programs are used for manufacturing to ready the DXF files from the CAD programs. The standard process is starting with (CAD) program to design DXF file, then we send that file to the (CAM) program that generate the right G-code with commands for a particular machine using a post processor and then we load that G-code into the CNC machines for production.

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