Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the file type of your designs?

All our files are DXF files Cut Ready CNC Designs, also we started to provide SVG formats.

We missed an important file type for CNC? please feel free to Contact Us immediately.  

Are your designs ready for CNC cutting machines?

YES, all our designs are DXF files Cut Ready for CNC machines.

Are your designs Smooth?

YES, all the vectors are smoothed and free of crossed paths.

Are your designs containing open-loop (open lines) or closed-loop (closed lines)?

Some of our designs are totally open-loop and some of them contain mixed closed-loop and open-loop, you can find notes on the page of the design informing you whether the design contains open-loops or its totally closed-loops.

Are your designs scalable or resizable?

YES, all our designs are scalable and resizable for any dimensions you need using any vector program (Except the Collapsible Fire Pits), we recommend Adobe-Illustrator as its best for the art designs. But take care when resizing the design to a small size, you must consider the kerf (cutting width) of your machine, this may lead to melting off some parts of the design when cutting due to the heat. Feel free to contact us for any help.

Are your designs instantly Downloadable?

YES, all our designs are digital files available for download immediately after finishing your checkout. You will get a link to download the files. Only the custom designs or if you need custom change (adding words or numbers or any small change to one of our designs) will need time to finish the required design and send it for you. This may take about 2-5 days and you will confirm you are satisfied with the designs before checkout.

Are your designs working with my CNC machine or system?

Simply, you can try any of our amazing free DXF files and check our files with your system and also check the quality of our files, you can find a wide range of free collections here:FREE DXF Files.

Are your designs ready to use for wood router CNC machines?

YES, all our designs are ready to be used for any 2D CNC machines like wood router CNC, plasma CNC, laser CNC, and water-jet CNC. You can check our customer's reviews with the images shared for final fabricated work using all kinds of CNC machines here: Customer reviews and what people say.

What is the best thickness recommendation that can be used for the fire pits?

As most of our customers recomendations, the best thickness can be used for the fire pits is 3/16 inches, but you can use any other thickness close to this recommendations putting in the considerations the weight of the fire pit after fabrication, the ability to cutting the selected thickness, and the bility to bend and fabricate the selected thickness.

Why it is not recommended to resize the Collapsible Fire Pits?

You can resize any kind of our fire pits (Fire Pits Balls, Fire Pits Hexagone, and Fire Pits Rings) except the Collapsible Fire Pits, you should use the specified thickness as the collapsible fire pits contain slots related to the specified thickness, you can find the specified thickness in the products descriptions. Feel free to contact us if you are not sure.

How to use the website, place an order, and/or add a discount code?

You can simply use our website, place an order, and use your discount code is available by following the guides in this link: "How to Use Our Website?".

What is the all entire bundle or Full Access Bundle?

The full access bundle will give you full access to our website with payment just onetime for the life, this includes the packages, designs and fire pits in our website, also will give you access to all our new products that will be added in the future with no extra payment, you can read more details here: Full Access Bundle (Onetime Payment).

I purchased the Full Access Bundle but I can't find some designs, what can I do?

The Full Access Bundle gives you full access to all our website the current and the new designs that will be added in the future as our website have weekly updates and new DXF files. Once you complete the purchase you will get an email containing our last updated folders we uploaded, also you will be provided with a discount code that will give you a 100% discount on our website anytime, using this code you will be able to download our updates, new packages or missing design you can't find at the folders. Feel free to contact us anytime if you have any problem:Contact Us.

Limited License to Use, What does this mean?


You are free to:
Use - cut our DXF files using CNC to create personal or commercial fabricated arts.
Edit - edit our DXF files using any editing software to any required formats.

You are NOT free to:
Share - copy and redistribute our original or edited files.
Resell - resell our original or edited files.

ONLY you can resell your final fabricated arts after cutting.

Feel free to contact us anytime if you have any more questions: Contact Us.

I placed an order but did not get my files, what can I do?

Once you placed the order you will get the following:

- Instant link to download the files.
- Confirmation message with your order details.
- Message contains all your links to the order.

If you have any issue with our links and you can not download the files please feel free to contact us with your order number: Contact Us

If you did not receive our messages please hope you check this page to add DXFforCNC to your Safe Sender List then check your spam or junk messages or Contact Us to resend you the messages.