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Collection: Air & Water Vehicle DXF Files

Take Flight and Set Sail: Air & Water Vehicle DXF Files (DIY or Pro)

Chart your course for creativity with our collection of unique Air & Water Vehicle DXF filesSoar through the skies with detailed aircraft designs or conquer the waves with our collection of ships, boats, and jet skis.  Our designs capture the essence of flight and navigation, allowing you to create stunning metal wall art that ignites the spirit of adventure or captivating outdoor accents that set the scene for exploration.

Embark on a Creative Voyage:

Airborne Adventures: 

Take flight with our collection of airplane, helicopter, and hot air balloon DXF files, featuring a variety of styles and models.

Masters of the Seas: 

Set sail on a sea of creativity with our collection of ships, boats, and jet ski silhouettes, perfect for those who love life on the water.

Vehicles of Exploration: 

Spark your sense of adventure with our collection of seaplane and amphibious vehicle DXF files, ideal for those who dream of conquering both air and water.

Indoor or Outdoor Display: 

Set your sights on creative freedom! Decorate your living space, man cave, or outdoor area with captivating metal art featuring your favorite Air & Water Vehicles.

Benefits for Every Maker:


Experiment with our free Air & Water Vehicle DXF files to create personalized metal art featuring your dream vehicle or a cherished memory of a past voyage.


Impress your clients with our premium DXF files featuring a vast collection of air and water vehicle designs, saving you time and resources while offering unique pieces for aviation and nautical enthusiasts.

Unmatched Quality and Enduring Inspiration:

Our meticulously crafted DXF files guarantee clean cuts and stunning results, allowing you to bring the thrill of flight and the power of the ocean to life in long-lasting metal art.  Whether you're a pilot, a sailor, or simply an adventurer at heart, our designs offer a unique way to celebrate the wonder of air and water travel.

Start Your Voyage in Metal Art Today!

Download a selection of free Air & Water Vehicle DXF files to experience the quality and user-friendliness of our designs.  For unlimited access to our entire collection and the freedom to explore your creativity without boundaries, consider becoming a premium member today!