Free DXF Files Downloads for wall metal art decor

Collection: Free DXF Files

Look no further than our free DXF files downloads for Laser cutters, plasma cutters, and CNC routers to get your products out of the door more quickly. Browse through our extensive library of designs that you can easily download and cut today. You can expect premium DXF designs with smooth vectors and no crossed paths. At the same time, you’ll be bringing a magical element to your customer’s homes and gardens with our unique decorative designs.

Free DXF Files Downloads, No Sign-up Required

The free DXF files for plasma cutting are available immediately. You don’t need to sign up with us and still get your DXF or SVG file straight away. You can also ask us any questions or reach out for help with scaling to your machine specifications. All our designs are compatible with a minimum cutting beam width of 0.0625" (1.6 mm) but we’ll happily tweak our designs if you need us to. Once signed up, we can also add specific features and even create free laser cut templates from your designs if you prefer.

Start Your CNC Projects Right Away

Check our library of your free CNC files downloads projects. You’ll find everything from wall ornaments and signs to privacy screens and garden stakes. Each one feels unique with its own unique designs. They’re either playful, charming, or simply bold. You’ll find all sorts of lifestyles and hobbies represented and we’d love to work with you if you feel anything is missing.

Exclusive Bundles for You!

We don’t just offer free CNC files downloads templates. You can also browse our complete DXF file library with more intricate designs and logos. You’ll see complete scenes transformed into panels, signs, and fire pits as well as collections of animals including birds, kangaroos, and even dragons.

We have something for all styles and preferences and we want to share this with you. So, we’re offering a special bundle package for access to our complete library forever, including future designs. This means accessing over 7,300 designs, 370 fire pits, and 250 packages with an extra 200 new designs every month.

Why Choose

Our free DFX art files are ready to download, convert and resize on either Adobe Illustrator or AutoCAD. You’re then ready to cut and produce your ideal product. Whether you choose the free laser cut patterns or free plasma cutter art patterns, you’ll experience top quality designs without nasty surprises or those extra nodes that lead to rough cuts. These are professional designs that we’ve been creating for over 10 years and we’re proud to share them with the world.

Unique and Creative Designs

Whether you choose your preferred designs from our collections or from our free DXF artwork, you’ll find a range of products in various shapes and sizes. Examples include decorative indoor and outdoor wall art, photo frames, garden stakes and, our customers’ favourite: fire pits. Choose from animals, vehicles, signs, logos, or even country scenes depending on what you need.

More Than 900 Free CNC Project Files

You’re bound to find something you like with such a large collection of free DXF art files downloads. These come in DXF and SVG formats that are compatible with a minimum cutting beam width of 0.0625" (1.6 mm). Nevertheless, we’ll happily tweak our designs to help you scale them to your machine if you need us to. In fact, give us a call if you need some tailor-made designs that you can’t find in our free DXF files. As our customers will tell you, our support team is one of the best.

Top-tier Customer Support

We’re proud of our support team who are some of the best in the industry and love what they do. They’re always ready to help and answer any questions you might have about our free DXFs or even your CNC machine. You can expect full support as part of your experience with us.


How to Download A Free DXF File from Our Library?

To download any of our free laser cutter templates, simply follow the steps:

1: Click on your chosen design which will take you to the summary
2: You can then either click on download and check out or ask us a question and complete your checkout.
3: When you’re ready to import your file, open the file menu and click open
4: Select the DXF file you want to import and click open

How Do I Open A DXF File?

Opening one of our free CNC files means importing it onto your computer by following these steps:

1: Search for the file menu and open it
2: Choose your DXF file in the Select File dialog box
3: Give it the name you want in the File Name prompt
4: Click open and you’re ready to go

It’s worth noting that you can also convert DXF files to a DXB or DWG format depending on what you need. You just need to open the file and save it in the other format.

Can I Customize A Free DXF File?

All our free laser cut DXF files are also available in SVG format as well. You can easily customize either format or by converting them into DWG files. Alternatively, you can call us and we’ll gladly convert your drawings into DXF files on your behalf if you prefer.
When resizing, we recommend using Adobe Illustrator as it works best with art designs. Although, be careful to remember the cutting kerf of your machine and that material that’s removed as it cuts. It’s easy to forget and several customers have been caught out. Call us if you’re unsure of anything and we’ll be happy to help.

Are Your Free DXF Files Available for Commercial Use?

Once you have our free CNC patterns, the License Agreement at allows you to cut the files to create either personal or commercial products. You can even edit the DXF files to any format you need. On the flip side, you’re not allowed to copy and redistribute our original or edited files nor can you resell them. Essentially, you can only sell the final cut product.

What Type of CNC Machine is Most Suitable for Your DXF Designs?

All our free plasma cutter patterns are for plasma CNC machines and our free laser cut files are for laser CNC machines. You can also find free waterjet DXF files for any waterjet CNC machine. Essentially, our designs can be used for any 2D CNC machine also including wood router CNCs.