Collection: Home Decoration

You can find the most extensive collection of DXF files on These files have the most use in home décor and garden art. You can use these designs to create napkin holders, key hooks, garden stakes, furniture decorations, etc.

Home décor is the one place where you can find the most useful for these DXF files. Our designs cater to products like table covers, letter ornaments, napkin holders, sign inserts, etc. You are bound to find many more designs that can be used for any CNC machine.

You have the option of running your imagination wild and making the most of these designs for décor to appease you and your customers. Moreover, our team has especially created styles for the holiday season too. You can pick from the wide range of options to find styles perfect for holidays.

Additionally, you can also reach out to us for custom designs for home décor. Our team can reach out to you and help your CNC business find precisely what you are looking for.