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Decorative DXF Files | African Giraffe CNC Cutting Design

Decorative DXF Files | African Giraffe CNC Cutting Design

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Want to make your décor stand out with exotic animals? Then this African Giraffe DXF files bundle is the right choice for you. It will also help show your environmentally friendly side while adding a unique character to your garden and home décor.

  • Easy-to-Assemble: You can design your own family of African Giraffes with their calves thanks to this DXF and SVG file for CNC machines.
  • Design: Realistic cut-ready design of African Giraffe families with calves
  • Downloadable Cut File: After you've completed your purchase, you'll receive a digital file in the form of a DXF or SVG file. You can undertake both DIY and commercial CNC projects using this file.
  • Editable Vector Files: Most CNC software programs read clean lines with our DXF files. You can scale to fit stainless steel thickness or size.

Western Africa is the home to the exotic, ungulate mammal with light-colored spots, known as the African Giraffe. As the tallest living animal on land, it has admirably long legs and neck. This subspecies of the giraffe was found abundantly once in Central and Western Africa. Their cousin, the Masai giraffe, roams in the lands of the Eastern side of Africa.

You, too, can bring the essence of Africa into your home décor with these African Giraffe DXF files. Once you purchase and download our unlocked DXF files, you can also resize the designs and scale them according to your needs.

Besides making the DXF designs extremely compatible with all CNC cutting machines, we have also simplified the selection and checkout process. Moreover, you will have no trouble printing these cut-ready files as there are no extra nodes.

There are many other wild animal-printed DXF files available. Check them out now!

The West African giraffe, Niger giraffeor Nigerien giraffe, is a subspecies of the giraffe distinguished by its light-colored spots, the tallest living terrestrial animal. Giraffes are in serious trouble. The population overall has declined 40 percent in 30 years, and there are now approximately 68,000 left in the wild. Giraffes live primarily in savanna areas in the sub-Saharan region of Africa. Their extreme height allows them to eat leaves and shoots located much higher than other animals can reach. You may be excited to know that Giraffes have three hearts, there is a systemic (main) heart and two lesser hearts pump blood to the gills where waste is discarded and oxygen is received. They work like the right side of the human heart.

Formats Available

DXF Files, SVG Files, JPG Files, PDF for Packages

Downloading & Refunds

Once you purchase a design, you can download the DXF files and use it for any project.

You can first test the compatibility of ourDXF files with your machine with the help of our more than 1000 Free DXF Files. After this, you can choose to buy our premium or full access bundle. We assure you of premium designs and high-quality files that you are sure to enjoy.

However, if it doesn't work out for you for some reason, you can always get in touch with us, and we will provide you with a full refund if we can't resolve the issue!

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