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Designer Ball Fire Pit DXF for CNC | Trees and Juice Bottles

Designer Ball Fire Pit DXF for CNC | Trees and Juice Bottles

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Bring This Designer Edition Fire Pit DXF Files To Life With CNC Machines And Sell Home Decor Items On The Go.

  • Easy-to-Assemble: Fabricate Collapsible Fire Pit using this CNC for SVG File.
  • Design: Funky Juice Bottles, Beautiful Trees, and Flame designs.
  • Downloadable Cut File: Digitally delivered as standard DXF files or SVG files. Use for personal or commercial projects.
  • Editable Vector Files: Most CNC software programs read clean lines with our DXF files. You can scale to fit stainless steel thickness or size.

Get the party mode on with this trendy fire pit DXF file. Tropical Trees, Beverage bottles & Flame designs are separately drawn on perfectly measured sides to make a ball-shaped fire pit. When illuminated with fire, the delicate detail in the pattern seems to take center stage!

You own this DXF drawing file after you've purchased it. Use CNC plasma, CNC laser cutting, or waterjet cutting to carve out eye-catching home decor items & wood-burning fire pits with our DXF for CNC files. Simply Rinse and Repeat!

Available Sizes:

  • 24 inch (0.61 m) Separated pieces (Will need just Welding):
    One file for CNC table is not less than 48x39 inches (1.2x1 m).
  • 24 inch (0.61 m) Linked pieces (Will need Bending and Welding):
    One file for CNC table is not less than 48x82 inches (1.2x2 m).
  • 36 inch (914 mm) Separated pieces (Will need just Welding):
    One file for CNC table is not less than 72x58 inches (2x1.5 m).
  • 36 inch (914 mm) Linked pieces (Will need Bending and Welding):
    Three files (2 for Ball and 1 for Base) for CNC table not less than 113x59 inches (3x1.5 m).

Formats Available

DXF Files, SVG Files, JPG Files, PDF for Packages

Downloading & Refunds

Once you purchase a design, you can download the DXF files and use it for any project.

You can first test the compatibility of ourDXF files with your machine with the help of our more than 1000 Free DXF Files. After this, you can choose to buy our premium or full access bundle. We assure you of premium designs and high-quality files that you are sure to enjoy.

However, if it doesn't work out for you for some reason, you can always get in touch with us, and we will provide you with a full refund if we can't resolve the issue!

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Ask a Question
  • I just ordered the Fire Pit Ball Trees and Juice Bottles File. It didn't give me a place to pick the size. My table is 50" X 96". I want it to be separated so I don't have to bend it. I have a multicam table and hybertherm power source. Can I size the 36" down or should I get the 24" pit? Can I scale the 24" up to 30"?

    Hello Leamon, great thanks for trusting our products and we will be happy to help you anytime.

    if your table is small and you need to cut the 36" fire pit you still can cut it, we can separate the file of the 36" to be in 2 files each file will fit with your table, please tell me if this will help, otherwise, you can resize the file as you need with no any problem, but when resizing take care to resize all the design in the file.


  • What is the height and diameter of the finished ball with legs and without?

    Hello Randy, about your questions for the fire pit balls, the big size fire pit ball will be about 40 inches with the legs and 36 inches without the legs, the diameter of the ball will be about 36 inches.the fire pit ball half will be the same diameter and 22 inches with the legs and 18 without the legs. I hope that we answered all your questions and we will be happy to help you anytime.

  • If I get the file for cnc plasma cutter for the pit that is a ball...what angle do I start to weld the hexagons and pentagons in order to form the perfect ball? Is this included in the plans? Thanks!

    Hello Monz, simply you dont have to know any angle you just need to start connecting 3 pieces together and the angle will be ok. start from the pentagon base and 2 hexagon pieces. and about the plans, all our fire pits and packages are included in our bundle of all entire packages.

  • How thick of metal do you recommend to use for these fire pits?

    Hello Shawn, you can use 1/8, 1/4 or 3/16 and this depending on many factors you decide, like the available materials, budget, movability as the thicker the hard to move, the available tools you have to bend or weld the metals.  What i told you is an experience of our customers already cut the fire pits and i asked them the same questions, we will be happy to help you anytime.

  • Hi guys. Can I change the pics to a logo myself or must I order if someone wants a specific design on the ball pit. Thanks in advance.

    Hello Dries, you can change the drawing at the fire pit as you like once you purchase it, also we can help you to add them if you would like.

  • Can you scale this down to a table top version to be bent .

    Hello AJ, (About the fire pit ball trees and juice bottles ) for the table size you have you can cut the separated files only, the separated files with the size of 24x28 inch is ready for this design to be cut with your table size, if you need the fire pit with size of 36x42 inch we can separate the design at more than one file and will be work with your table size. You cant cut the linked design with your table as it will need to be scaled down and will be a very small fire pit. Feel free to contact us anytime.

  • good day can you please assist..i hope so where can i find dxf files or plans for cnc plasma ? i like the fire pits.. regards

    Hello Chantel, great thanks for visiting our website and we will be happy to help you anytime. you can find the fire pits you like on our website, all our fire pits are tested and ready to be cut for plasma cnc.  Please feel free to tell me more about  the fire pit you liked or if you need help to check out, we have good options for payment, Paypal or your credit/debit cards